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I am Pamela Ratajczyk, CEO, and Founder of Healthier Relationships, LLC., and Certified Facilitator of Prepare and Enrich. I have served in the medical field for over 30 years in a variety of roles, cultures, and settings. During this time, being an RN for greater than 23 years I have served and met thousands of people. Discussing their dynamics of home life and closest relationships are an integral part of their health and care plans. Over time I began to question if there may be a possible correlation between illness, diseases and overall well being related to the status of our immediate and closest relationships. I noticed that most of the healthier individuals in my life path had healthier relationships. Although they also experienced challenges in life as everyone else does; they were enjoying their relationships more.

There are many researches by various professionals that have discovered healthier relationships with your partner, spouse, and closest relationships directly effect other parts of your life. How can healthier relationships improve and positively impact your life as a couple?

Here are just 5 reasons why investing in healthier relationships is beneficial.

Healthier relationships =

  1. Increases Stability financially
  2. Increases stability of physical health
  3. Increases stability of emotional health
  4. Increases stability of psychological health
  5. Increases stability of spiritual health

I have also took note that we have tune ups for our vehicles, routines of maintainence for household items, annual physical exams for our continued health and wellness. I had to then ask the question; who is offering a service specifically to focus on maintaining couples relationships. Who is offering a service of a yearly assessment to enrich and set clear measurable goals for couples. To assist couples to maintain or regain healthy relationships. I have not recognized this being a specific service.

It is my vision to assist couples to enrich their relationships. To provide the service of a yearly assessment to recognize their own strengths and areas of opportunity to grow. To maintain or regain stability in their relationship. To set out personalized couples growth paths for a end goal of healthier relationships.

Looking forward to serving you,
Pamela Ratajczyk


Pamela Ratajczyk

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